Simple Cybersecurity Tips for Small- to Mid-Sized Businesses


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As technology advances, the importance of cybersecurity grows. Technology’s expansion has benefitted the world in many ways, but weaknesses in the security of that technology can also create some major problems.


The necessity of cybersecurity may seem obvious when it comes to big businesses; after all, big businesses often store massive amounts of personal, confidential data. But the truth is that small- and mid-sized businesses have a need for cybersecurity as well, even if it does look a little different in a smaller organization.

Here are some important cybersecurity tips for small- to mid-sized businesses.


Back up everything.

Backing up your data is always a good idea. Any number of things could go wrong that will make you grateful your data is safely stored in multiple locations. Make sure at least one of your backups is kept offsite.


Utilize antivirus software.

Antivirus software is a staple of business computers for a reason. Specifically designed to detect harmful viruses and malware, this software can save you from technological disaster. There are plenty of options out there, so do your research and find one that works for you.


Keep software updated.

Hackers are constantly working to get through weak spots in software, and software companies are constantly working to fix those weak spots. Often, software updates include these fixes, so don’t ignore them. If you can, set them to happen automatically.


Educate yourself and your employees.

You can hardly keep your company’s digital presence secure if you don’t know anything about cybersecurity. Educate yourself and your employees about best practices in cybersecurity so that you’re aware of what a breach might look like and entail, and can take preemptive steps to prevent one.


Improve your passwords.

Did you know that the most common password from 2013-2018 was “123456”? Using common passwords, easy-to-guess passwords, or duplicate passwords creates a vulnerability in your digital security. Improve your passwords across the board by:


  • Choosing passwords at least 8 characters in length
  • Using a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, along with numbers and symbols
  • Avoiding words, birthdates, or other easily guessed information


Secure your network.

Hide your WiFi network, and password-protect it. This helps protect your network (and all the information on it) from being hacked.


Have a plan.

What would you do if there was a security breach at your company? Create a plan that would help you navigate a security breach quickly. This may require hiring an outside firm to help you, but the peace of mind makes the investment worth it.


Cybersecurity isn’t optional anymore—it’s required as a best practice for any business that uses technology, big or small. By following these tips, you’re setting your company up for success as you keep your data secure and protected. 


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