Increase Employee Engagement With These 4 Tips


Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is crucial to doing good work, delivering great results, and maintaining high morale among your staff. But these days, with distractions coming at all of us from every direction, keeping employees engaged is no easy task.


The result: employees who dread their work, do the bare minimum, and maybe even cut corners or make mistakes. In other words: not exactly your dream team.


The good news, however, is that there are things you can do to improve employee engagement, and they aren’t necessarily expensive or complicated. Here are four of our best tips for keeping employees engaged.


  • 1. Acknowledge or reward a job well done. No one likes feeling like their hard work is going unseen or unappreciated. If your employees feel like their best efforts are going to go unrecognized, they aren’t going to be motivated to continue doing their best.

    Develop some kind of system to acknowledge a job well done. Whether it’s positive praise given in front of the whole team, a physical reward (like movie tickets or a gift card), or simply a glowing performance review, make sure you take the time to recognize when one of your employees goes above and beyond.


  • 2. Encourage communication. Employees will be more likely to remain engaged with their work if they feel like they are able to make valuable contributions to the company as a whole. Encourage people to speak up if they have questions or concerns about processes, policies, or practices that affect the way work is done within your company.

    Keep in mind that this door swings both ways. You should be as transparent as possible with your employees about company challenges or setbacks. This will help them feel like trusted members of a team, rather than subservient workhorses.


  • 3. Set the example. Are you constantly groaning about your clients in front of your employees? Do you take more days off than you should? Do you interrupt employees who are working on their daily tasks?

    If so, you are setting a bad example when it comes to workplace engagement. Show your employees that you are enthusiastic about your job. Maintain a positive attitude, and express excitement over upcoming projects and new challenges. If you do, it’s more likely that your employees will follow suit.


  • 4. Create an efficient environment. If employees are constantly having to work around old technology, slow software, and the like, they’re more likely to end up frustrated on a daily basis. Even things like desk chairs, keyboards, and room temperature can start to take a toll on employee morale if problems go on for too long.


Work to create an efficient, updated environment that works the way it’s supposed to while keeping everyone comfortable and happy. It may require a little investment on your part, but it could go a long way in making sure your employees have a work environment that fosters engagement rather than complaining.


Employee engagement is important, but increasing it doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these four tips to help your employees feel valued and heard, and their engagement will increase as a result. 


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