What to Look for When Hiring an Internal Recruiter


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Very few things in business are more important than hiring the right people. So when you’re hiring an internal recruiter—a person that will play a big role in your future hires—the stakes are extra high. 


If your company is constantly making hiring decisions or regularly adding personnel, an internal recruiter might be your best bet for making sure that your new hires meet your company standards in terms of professional competency and culture fit. 


Of course, you need your recruiter to match that description as well. So how can you be sure you’re getting what you need when you hire an internal recruiter?


We have a quick list of things you should look for when making this important hire.


Great organization skills.

Your internal recruiter is likely going to have a lot on their plate at any given moment. They may be juggling several different candidates for several jobs, all at once. This makes it absolutely vital that your internal recruiter is highly organized, even when multitasking. 


Exemplifies company values.

In many instances, your recruiter will be the first point of contact a potential employee has with your company. For this reason, you want your recruiter to be an example of your company’s values. Hopefully, when a candidate is able to get a taste of what your company culture is like, right from the beginning, they’ll be attracted to it, and therefore more interested in working with you.


Personable and persuasive.

A recruiter needs to make a good first impression. That means that they probably need to be someone who likes interacting with people—even strangers. Your internal recruiter should also be more than a little persuasive; after all, they are essentially trying to “sell” someone on the idea of working for your company. 


Talent for spotting talent.

A great recruiter should be able to look at an online profile or resume and have a good idea of whether or not that candidate is worth pursuing. Sometimes, this is about more than simply whether or not the candidate meets education and experience requirements, and a recruiter needs to be able to spot true talent that goes beyond the ordinary.


Passion for their industry (and yours).

People who love their jobs are usually better at them, and recruiters are no exception. When looking for your internal recruiter, find someone who is passionate about making great connections and exceptional hires. Along those same lines, your recruiter should also have a certain level of excitement about your industry and your company. This will prove invaluable when it comes to convincing someone else to join your team.


An internal recruiter can be a fantastic addition to your staff, but only if you can find the right one. EDI Staffing can help you there. With almost three decades of experience in the staffing industry, we can help you find an internal recruiter who will help you make great hiring decisions for years to come. Contact us at 508-802-4512 for more information.

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