4 Reasons Why Your Business May Need an IT Consultant


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When it comes to technology, many business owners are in the dark.

Sure, you might know the basics (connecting to WiFi is pretty much necessary these days), but if things get a little more complicated—which software to use and when to update it, removing viruses, analyzing data, and so on—you’re probably lost.

To be clear—being lost in fine! It’s your job to run the business, not to fix the computers. But if you and your team find yourselves dealing with more complicated IT problems regularly, it might be time to hire an IT consultant.

Here are four reasons why your business could benefit from an IT consultant.


1. You’re not sure that your information is backed up properly.

Security is vital in the digital world, and part of keeping your data secure is making sure that it is backed up appropriately. Your business’s computer systems should be performing regular backups of all important business data. Whether this data is stored online, offsite, or both, it’s smart business practice to have key data backed up.

Backing up your data isn’t just important—it’s also a little complicated, especially as you’re getting everything set up. An IT consultant can take a look at your current processes and determine whether or not your backup plan is sufficient. And, if it’s not, they can recommend the right services for your specific needs.


2. Your tech needs are infrequent or irregular.

If you’re considering hiring an IT consultant, you might also be thinking about bringing on a full-time IT employee instead. While this could be a great option if you have consistent IT needs, anything less than that probably doesn’t require a permanent hire.

In this way, hiring an IT consultant can save you money, since you’ll use them on an “as-needed” basis.


3. You could benefit from an outsider’s perspective.

One great thing about consultants: they aren’t involved in office politics or blinded by “the way things have always been done.” Because of this, a consultant is more likely to be able to look at your IT systems and processes and objectively analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

Along with this, a consultant brings a level of expertise to your team that would probably be pretty expensive to hire otherwise. So you’re getting a fresh point of view and a unique skill set, all without having to make a permanent hire.


4. You want to keep things running smoothly for your employees and customers.

Think someone on your team can just handle the IT problems as they come up? Think again. IT problems can get pretty complicated, and if you’re constantly having issues with your technology, it can take its toll on the productivity and profitability of your business.

For example, if your website is constantly crashing or is full of broken links, or if there is a data security breach within your company, you could receive backlash from customers, or even lose business. Additionally, if your hardware is out of date or your software is complicated and difficult to use, you’ll negatively affect your employees’ productivity.

An IT consultant can handle problems when they arise, but can also help you be proactive about creating a technologically advanced environment that is intuitive, functional, and secure.
Hiring an IT consultant may not be something you’ve considered before, but many businesses could benefit from the service. If you find yourself fitting any of the criteria above, it’s an idea that’s probably worth pursuing.

If you want help finding a competent IT consultant, contact EDI Staffing. With years of experience staffing IT and other tech positions, we are up-to-date on current market needs and demands, and can help you find a consultant that is a great fit for your needs. Contact us today at 508-802-4512 to learn more about how we can help. We look forward to serving you!

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