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What’s the first step to making a great hire? Writing a great job listing!


While every part of the hiring process is important, you aren’t going to get anywhere if you don’t have a detailed job listing that attracts the right pool of candidates.


The best way to write an effective listing: use this checklist. We’ve outlined everything a great job listing needs in order to bring in qualified candidates who will fit in well with your company.


Job Listing Checklist


___ Clear job title. What is the position actually called? If the title is unique to your company, clarify what it is using language someone outside your company will understand.


___ Description of your company. What is your company’s name, and what do you do? What sets you apart from your competitors? At some point in your job listing, you should definitely bring your company culture to light, so that candidates will know, right from the start, if they would fit in with the rest of your staff. 


___ Detailed list of job responsibilities. Be as detailed as possible when listing out what this job will entail. What will be expected of this person on a daily basis? What will their performance be measured against? Who will this person report to, and does anyone report to them? Being as detailed as possible will help candidates determine whether or not they would be a good fit for the position.


___ List of ideal employee qualities. It’s important that your new employee be able to do the job. It’s also important that they are a good fit at your company. This is your chance to outline your company culture and the kinds of people that perform best within it. For example, is it crucial that the person in this position is punctual? Organized? A self-starter? Go beyond the responsibilities of the job and think about the personality and characteristics of your ideal candidate.


___ Description of required experience. If it’s important that your candidates have a certain level of related experience or a minimum level of completed education, make sure that is very clear in your job listing. 


___ Location and other technicalities. Where is the job located? Is telecommuting available? Is the position full-time or part-time? Will this person be expected to work outside of normal business hours? Any important details like these should be in the job listing.


___ General compensation information. While the employee’s salary will be determined later, you should outline a range for what you’re willing to pay for this position. You should also highlight any additional benefits you offer (health insurance, PTO, etc.). 


___ How to apply. Leave detailed information about how to apply, what the hiring process is going to look like, and the timeline you are operating under.


___ Persuasive language. You want people to be excited about applying for the job, so write a persuasive job listing! Include information that will help you stand out from other companies, and write in a tone that reflects your company’s style.


Using this checklist will help you write a job listing that will catch the attention of the right candidates, and will hopefully persuade them to apply. With a great job listing posted to the right places, you’re much more likely to have your pick of top talent for your open position. 

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