Ways Technology Can Make Hiring Easier


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Technology has improved our lives in many ways—some of them very unexpected. 


Take hiring, for example. It might not be the first thing you think about when you consider technological advances of the last decade, but the fact is, that technology has changed the hiring process for the better.


Here are a few ways technology can make hiring easier for you.


Expanded reach.

Pre-internet, you would write a job ad and post it…where? In the local newspaper? How many people would end up seeing that? You’d have a limited pool of candidates to choose from. Technology has made it so that your job ad can be seen almost anywhere in the world, instantly. Your selection of candidates just got a whole lot bigger.



Along those same lines, technology also makes telecommuting possible, so not only can you hire someone from anywhere, but you can also work with them from anywhere. As long as the job allows for it, you could hire someone who lives across the country from you, and they wouldn’t even have to move.


Social media.

A resume is no longer confined to a single sheet of paper. Rather, a candidate’s “resume” includes their entire online presence. You can check out the profiles of your candidates to get a much better idea of who they are and what their interests are.



This is technically a social media platform, but it’s so specific to the workplace that it deserves its own mention. LinkedIn is an incredible source for recruiting and hiring talent. This one platform allows you to see a candidate’s resume, skill set, availability, and more, helping you fine-tune your search so you can find just the right person for the job.



The hiring process is much faster, thanks to technology. Digitized resumes, email, data analytics, video chats, and more can save a lot of time when recruiting and hiring. 


Automated processes.

Technology can help recruiters and HR departments follow the same steps with every candidate or new hire. Automating the process of filling out forms, completing assessments, and more makes the entire hiring experience much easier (and more consistent).


Staffing agencies.

Though not a technological advancement, per se, staffing agencies have benefited greatly from technology. Recruiting software has come a long way in recent years, meaning staffing agencies are able to find talent that fits a company’s needs, more quickly than ever before. Being able to find qualified candidates with a few minutes of searching is a huge plus, and it’s one of the reasons working with a staffing agency is so beneficial.


Taking advantage of these different technological advances can help your hiring process be faster, more thorough, more compliant, and more effective. 

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