3 Signs That You Need Help From a Professional Staffing Company


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Hiring can’t be that hard…right?


That’s the attitude that many companies have. After all, how hard can it be to post a job ad, find some qualified candidates, conduct a few interviews, and make a smart hiring decision?


The answer: pretty hard.


How can you be sure you’re posting your job ad to the right audience? How can you screen candidates quickly and effectively? How can you make sure that your background checks and interviews give you all the information you need to make a good hire?


One of the best ways is by hiring a professional staffing company. Staffing companies have years of experience matching top talent to open positions and can help you find the employee you’re looking for without you having to spend a lot of time or effort.


Still not convinced? Here are three big signs that you need help from a professional staffing company.


1. You struggle with turnover.

Do you find that many of your new hires don’t stick around very long? This could happen for any number of reasons, from them not being a culture fit, to them not having the right skill set, to you not being impressed by their performance. No matter the reason, turnover is expensive and time-consuming and isn’t something that most companies want to deal with any more than they have to.

Staffing agencies can help by filling the position with the right person, the first time. By helping you find a qualified candidate, and by helping you go through an effective vetting process,  a staffing agency can increase your chances of making a good hire the first time, so that you don’t experience as much turnover with your staff.


2. You can’t find the time to do it right.

Running a company is no joke. Small businesses, especially, can struggle to find the time to do anything beyond the day-to-day business that keeps the company afloat.

If you don’t know if you have the time to properly recruit, interview, and onboard employees, a staffing agency would be a great option for you. Having the right people on your team can make all the difference in your company, so it’s worth the investment to do it right.


3. Your employees are burned out.

Are your employees overworked? Have you noticed a decrease in morale or performance? Employee burnout is a real problem, and one way to fix it might be to hire additional temporary or permanent staff.

Staffing agencies are great when it comes to these kinds of hires, because they can usually fill the position quickly. They are also more likely to be able to find people who are willing to take on temporary or part-time work. Plus, a staffing agency can deal with finding a new hire while you focus on taking care of your current staff. In this case, working with a staffing agency is a win for you, and for your employees.


Many companies are reluctant to hire staffing agencies, partly because they see them as unnecessary. But if you are dealing with any of the above problems, the time might be right for you to call in the professionals. Don’t make hiring any harder or more stressful than it already is; let a staffing agency help!

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