6 Reasons to Offer Your Employees More Vacation Time


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How can taking time off be good for business?


It seems counterintuitive, but it is becoming increasingly clear that offering more vacation time to your employees will actually help them be more productive. More than that, it might even help your business as a whole.


Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should give your employees more vacation time.


Work-life balance.

It may be becoming a bit of a buzz phrase, but work-life balance is extremely important to today’s workforce. Actually, it’s pretty important in general, as work-life balance results in reduced stress (which can help employees avoid a number of subsequent mental, emotional, and physical problems).


Less chance of burnout.

When employees get burned out, they are far less productive and effective. Burnout can also cause problems with morale and attitude, while noticeably lowering performance. Workplace burnout, and the consequent care it requires, is estimated to cost $125-190 billion a year. More vacation time may not solve the burnout problem entirely, but it can certainly help.


Opportunity to cross-train.

With employees out of the office for an extended period of time, you’re often forced to ask other employees to take on some extra work. This gives you the opportunity to cross-train your staff, which can not only help them be more effective as a team but can also give you a backup plan in case certain employees leave suddenly.  



When you’re trying to recruit, especially in a competitive market, you need to offer unique and enticing benefits if you want to attract top talent. More vacation time can be one of these benefits and could make all the difference in your recruiting efforts.



Just as people are going to want to come to work for you when you have an attractive vacation policy, they are also not going to want to leave. Offering exceptional benefits is one way to keep your current employees around longer.


Better engagement.

Employees who take regular breaks, including longer vacations, are more likely to have increased engagement when they return. Giving their brains a chance to rest and recharge allows them to return feeling refreshed and ready to go.


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When you’re thinking about ways to improve your business, increasing vacation time may not come to mind at first. But because more vacation time can help employees stay healthy, happy, and engaged, it’s definitely something that’s worth looking into. 

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