Why Employers Should Promote Vacations


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It’s hard to think that an employee could be benefiting your company even when they’re out of the office on vacation. But the fact is, vacations do actually help individual employees and the company overall. For that reason, vacation time shouldn’t be something that a company gives to its employees begrudgingly; rather, it should be something that companies promote and encourage.


Here are the biggest reasons why employers should promote vacations.


Increase productivity

When all is said and done, vacations actually help to increase productivity, not halt it. One study indicated that the best employees (as shown by whether or not they received raises that year), used more of their available vacation days. Happy, well-rested employees are more able (and more willing) to work harder.


Improve physical and mental health

Vacations are good for employees’ physical and mental health. Exercise, fresh air, and rest can do wonders for health, and those things usually accompany travel. Not to mention, travel is linked to better heart health, better sleep, and less stress—even once the vacation is over. Physically and mentally healthy employees are good for your business. They take fewer sick days, are less likely to have special insurance needs and bring more positive energy to the office.


Develop a positive company culture

Company culture is extremely important. Not only does it set the tone of your workplace on a day-to-day basis, but it can also contribute to your outside reputation. Being sticklers with your vacation time is not going to create a culture of mutual trust and appreciation. In fact, it could do just the opposite—if, for example, employees feel guilty about taking vacation time and management’s attitude promotes that guilty feeling. 


Promoting vacations helps create a culture where employees feel seen, respected, and appreciated. They are able to see that the company cares about them as people, not just as employees.


Recruit more effectively

A company with a liberal vacation policy can use that as a huge benefit for their recruiting efforts. What employee wouldn’t want to work for a company that promotes vacations? Especially in a competitive job market, benefits like this can make all the difference.


Avoid burnout

Employee burnout is a real problem for employers. It leads to low morale, poor performance, and even turnover. Vacations can help fend off feelings of burnout, so making sure your employees use their vacation time could help you avoid this problem. 


Increase loyalty

In a low-unemployment market, retention is as important as recruiting when it comes to having a great team. Offering competitive benefits to your employees is going to make them think twice about changing jobs, and a positive attitude around vacation time definitely counts.


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Historically, many employers have thought of vacation time as “bad for business,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Try promoting and encouraging regular vacations in your company, and reap the rewards. 

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