How to Start a Career in Artificial Intelligence (AI)


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Artificial Intelligence is a growing industry. As the technology involved in AI continues to improve, employers face an increasing need for employees capable of harnessing these powerful new tools. 


If you’re considering entering the field of AI, you’re probably wondering what it is you need to do to get there. Here’s an overview of how to start a career in AI.


Know what position you want.

The AI field is expanding rapidly, and there are many positions available to someone within the industry. Before you get started down the path toward a career in AI, you should take some time to consider where it is exactly you want to end up. Your answer could require you to make adjustments to your education plans and job search.


The current top jobs in AI include: 


  • + Machine Learning Engineer
  • + Data Scientist
  • + Big Data Engineer/Architect
  • + Research Scientist
  • + AI Architect
  • + Software Engineer 


Meet basic certifications.

Almost all AI positions are going to require a bachelor’s degree at a minimum, and most will require advanced degrees. That said, start by earning a bachelor’s degree in a field such as computer science or information technology. You’ll also need to master technical skills (including coding in various languages, mathematics, algorithms, statistics, neural nets, etc.), along with more personal skills like the ability to analyze and problem-solve.


Get AI-specific certifications.

With AI being such a rapidly growing field, AI certification programs have become easier to find. Completing one of these programs will be a huge benefit for you when trying to get a job in AI. 


Work with a staffing agency.

Staffing agencies can help make the process of finding a job in AI a little easier for you. By matching your skills and experience to an open position, helps to take out some of the guesswork, which can be especially useful when trying to find a new job in a new field.


Build experience.

In an ever-growing AI landscape, experienced workers are rare and valuable. The more you build experience working in the AI industry, the more likely you’ll be to eventually land the job in AI you’ve always wanted.


Starting a career in Artificial Intelligence may sound daunting, but as long as you know what you want and how to start down the path toward getting it, you can get there—especially with help from a great staffing agency. Good luck!

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