How to Hire Remote Workers (While Everyone is Working From Home)


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Working from home isn’t for everyone. Unfortunately, considering current world events (specifically, the COVID-19 pandemic), most people don’t have a choice. 


With non-essential business locations closed around the globe, and millions of people ordered to stay home, more people than ever are setting up shop in home offices, bedrooms, dining rooms, and dens. 


But what if your entire staff can’t work remotely, and you need to fill in some gaps? Or what if you need a little extra remote help during this hectic time? It can be difficult to find remote workers at a moment’s notice. That’s why we recommend working with a staffing agency to hire remote workers—any time, really, but especially in a time of crisis. Here’s why.



When you’re struggling to keep your business afloat and running as close to “normal” as possible, time is of the essence. With databases of qualified remote workers at their fingertips, staffing agencies can help you fill open positions quickly.



Are you looking for temporary help, or a new full-time remote employee? Would you rather have a contractor who steps in as needed? When you zero in on the type of remote employee you’re looking for, you narrow your options and make your job harder. A staffing agency can work within your parameters and find the type of employee you need.



Just because you’re scrambling to fill an open position doesn’t mean you should settle for a subpar option. But hiring can be tricky under the best of circumstances (and even more so when working remotely), so it can be hard to be confident in your decision. But a staffing agency helps you find top talent within your industry, even among remote workers. 



During a busy and trying time, the last thing you need is one more task. Chances are, your company’s management team has plenty on their plates already. Handing off this task of hiring remote workers can be an immense relief.


Expanded candidate pool.

Many temp workers, freelancers, and other types of workers who commonly work remotely can be difficult to find on the more popular hiring sites. Take advantage of a staffing agency’s unique resources and put their talented recruiters to work in your favor. 


The fact is, the workforce is currently dealing with a challenge they’ve never faced before, and the need for remote workers has never been greater. If you need help expanding your remote team, don’t try to do it yourself. Instead, leave it to the experts, like EDI Staffing. With almost 30 years of staffing experience, we know how to match qualified candidates to open positions in a variety of industries. Contact us today to see how we can help you get through this tough time. And of course, stay healthy!

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