3 Signs That It’s Time to Outsource Staffing


If you’re thinking about outsourcing your staffing responsibilities, you may be wondering if it’s really worth it. After all, you’ve gotten this far doing all your hiring in-house, and you might be worried about finding a staffing company you can trust (and that doesn’t rob you blind).


We get it. It can be a little unnerving to outsource your staffing for the first time. But in our experience, if you’re already thinking about outsourcing your staffing, it’s probably for a good reason. If one (or more) of the following 3 signs applies to your company, then it’s definitely time to outsource staffing.


  1. You’ve hired several different people for the same position. It can be tough to find the right person for the job, but it shouldn’t take months of trial and error. Not only is that confusing to the rest of your team (as they’re continually trying to adapt to a new team member), but it also creates expensive and time-consuming turnover issues for you. 


If you can’t seem to find who you’re looking for, it might be time to hand over the reins to the experts. Staffing agencies know how to recruit top talent, narrow down your candidate pool through effective screening, and help you find exactly the right person to fill your open position. It’s what they do best—and they can do it for you, too.


  1. You hire too infrequently or too often. If you find that you’re very rarely in a position where you need to hire someone (a small company, low turnover, etc.), then it’s definitely in your best interest to outsource your staffing. If you don’t hire often, staffing isn’t your expertise, and you probably don’t know how to recruit, find, screen, and hire quality employees quickly and effectively.


On the other hand, if your company is growing like crazy, and you feel like you’re posting job ads every week, you shouldn’t have to handle all that work alone. You have more important things to do than try to master the nuances and hurdles associated with staffing.


In short, if you hire infrequently, a staffing company can help you fix the quality of your hiring process. If you hire frequently, a staffing company can help you with the quantity of new hires. Either way, professional help is going to be priceless. 


  1. You aren’t ready to make a full-time hire. Whether you’re trying out adding on a new position, making a strategy shift, or simply need extra help for the foreseeable future (but maybe not forever), a staffing agency can help. In fact, outsourcing is your best bet for finding talented temporary/contract workers that can help out on an as-needed basis, rather than join your staff as full-time salaried employees.


It can be hard to find workers who are willing to take on temporary jobs, and even harder to find talented ones. Luckily, staffing companies have access to databases that can help them find exactly the right fit for your open position—quickly. It’s just what you need to get you through a busy season or to test out a new strategy before overcommitting. 


There are any number of legitimate reasons why you might consider outsourcing your staffing responsibilities. If one of the above reasons applies to you, then it’s time. Not only will it take a load off your plate, but it’s more likely to result in good hires that will benefit your team and your company.

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