4 Benefits of Temporary Employees


There’s plenty to be said for having a full-time staff: consistency, loyalty, and in-depth company knowledge, just to name a few. But hiring people full-time isn’t the only answer to meeting your staffing needs, and there are also several benefits to hiring temporary employees as well.


1. Temporary replacement

If you have a full-time staff member leave on a long vacation, take maternity/paternity leave, or have some other kind of extended (but not permanent) absence, then a temporary hire is an ideal solution. Temporary employees can help fill in those gaps in your staff, doing only the job that is needed, only for as long as you need them to. Plus, most temporary employees do not receive benefits that full-time employees receive, including insurance and paid vacation days. This makes them a cost-effective way to keep your business running smoothly, even while key members of your staff are out of office for a while. 


2. Trial period for potential hires

Not sure if you want or need to expand your full-time staff? Considering hiring someone, but unsure about their skill set or culture fit within your company? Hiring a temporary employee allows you to take a test drive of adding a new person to your team. Whether you’re trying to determine if you need a full-time person for a certain position, or just want to have a defined trial period for a specific potential employee, a temporary hire can give you more data to work with when you’re trying to decide if another full-time hire is a smart move.


3. Fill short-term needs

If you have a specific need for a specific project, but not the required skill set to get it done, a temporary hire can help. Let’s say you need help setting up cybersecurity within your company, but your current IT employees aren’t trained in cybersecurity. You could hire a temporary employee who specializes in cybersecurity to help you get everything set up and to train your team on how to manage and monitor everything. It’s a great solution for getting a specific need met, without committing to a long-term hire that you probably don’t need to make.


4. Flexibility and as-needed support

Burnout is a very real problem in the workforce these days. In fact one survey showed that 95% of HR professionals see burnout as a serious threat to workplace retention. When your team is stretched thin, but it doesn’t quite make sense to hire a full-time employee, burnout becomes more likely, as your staff gets more overwhelmed and stressed. Temporary employees can help address this issue, stepping in on an as-needed basis to help keep your staff’s workload at a more manageable level. This flexible arrangement helps your team stay on top of things, without overloading your company’s finances.


Bonus: temporary employees are easier to find than you might think

Think it would be too much work to find a qualified temporary employee? If you try to do it yourself, you might be right. But working with an experienced staffing agency can help make it much easier to find top talent that is willing to take on a temporary position. 


When you work with a great staffing agency, finding a good temporary employee can be quick, simple, and effective. After all, you’re looking for temporary help to reduce your stress, not add to it!


Hiring a temporary employee might be new for your business, but these benefits make it worth considering. If you think a temporary hire might be helpful for your company, contact EDI Staffing today. We have over 25 years of experience matching quality candidates to open positions, including temporary ones. We’d love to help you take the stress out of your next hire. 


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