Hottest IT Skill Sets You Need On Your Team (and How to Find Them!)


The need for strong IT skills has grown steadily over the years, but now more than ever, it’s absolutely crucial. As companies shift more and more to online operations, having people on your team who can build, maintain, and manage IT systems is essential.


That said, there’s a lot that goes into building such a team, and unless you’re an expert in the field yourself, it can get overwhelming very quickly.


Today’s most in-demand IT skill sets

Where do you even start? By knowing the skill sets that are important to a thriving modern workplace. Here’s a quick look at some of the hottest IT skill sets teams are looking for right now.


Cloud computing – AI, IoT, Data Analytics – Java, JS, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go, C++

(See our post on making the shift to the cloud for more information about why this is a crucial skill.)



(Sensitive data needs to be protected. Protect yourselves and your clients with top-notch cybersecurity.)


Application development and programming – SQL, C#, Python and JavaScript

(Apps are almost as necessary as websites these days, so these skill sets are vital to keep you up to speed.)


Networking and wireless


Data Analytics and data management/Big Data – Python, SQL, R, Java, MatLab, Scala


Systems and enterprise architecture – DevOps, Enterprise Applications, Cloud Infrastructure


Project management


AI and machine learning – AWS, Microsoft and Google – Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, R, Julia, Go, TypeScript, Scala

(AI is an incredibly fast-growing field, and AI specialists are in high demand across the board.)  


Help desk and tech support




Integration (B2B/Systems/Data/EDI Integration).  

(Strong EDI and IT skills were once seen as separate needs held by separate people in separate positions. However, it’s becoming more common for these skills to be combined into hybrid roles that bring systems together more seamlessly.)


Web Services, XML, API, Java, .NET, ERP, EAI, EDI, AS2, SFTP


ERP – Development, Project Management, Administration, Analyst


How a staffing agency can help

If you’re looking to add any of these skill sets to your team, you should look into using a staffing agency to help you. A well-qualified staffing agency can:


  • Help ease the burden of recruiting
  • Help you market your job ad effectively
  • Use extensive databases to find quality candidates with the exact skill sets you’re looking for
  • Perform initial screenings and background checks to help you save time
  • Increase your chances of hiring a skilled employee and lower the risk of turnover


With over 25 years of experience in EDI and IT staffing, EDI can help fill your company’s open positions with qualified candidates who help grow your company through their talent and skill. EDI appeared on Forbes’ 2020 list of America’s Best Temporary Staffing Firms, so you can feel confident that you’re putting your hiring decisions into good hands. 


We’d love to work with you to find new employees with the IT skill sets that meet your needs. Contact us today!


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