Should Small Businesses Utilize a Staffing Company?


It might be counterintuitive to think that a small business would need to use a staffing company. After all, small businesses usually don’t employ as many people as large corporations, so you would think that staffing would be fairly simple and straightforward.


Unfortunately, recruiting and hiring usually ends up being anything but simple and straightforward. Even for small businesses, there are a lot of things to consider when making staffing decisions, and for many companies, utilizing a staffing company to help them make smart choices just makes sense.


Here are a few reasons why small businesses might want to seriously consider utilizing a staffing company.


Free up other people’s time.

In a small business, people tend to wear many hats at once—especially the managers. Often, the burden of recruiting and hiring falls to them as well. Unfortunately, that means that they either don’t have time to do their other work, or they run themselves ragged trying to get everything done. Using a staffing company can help distribute that load, so everyone can focus on doing the job that they’re best at. 


Improve the hiring experience.

Staffing companies have the hiring process down to an art—from recruiting, to screening, to hiring, to onboarding. By taking advantage of their tried-and-true processes, you’re much more likely to end up with a qualified candidate when all is said and done. Not only that, but the entire process is likely to be much smoother and problem-free.


Gain access to valuable resources and knowledge.

The average small business owner doesn’t have access to the same resources that a staffing company has. Agencies can access employee databases, tools for background checks, and more that can give them the edge during the hiring process. Working with a staffing company also gives you access to the company’s collective knowledge and experience—something you simply wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.


Open the door to temporary hires.

Staffing agencies are a great way to find temporary or contract workers who can help your company during a particularly busy or tough season. Rather than risk making a bad full-time hire (a time-consuming and costly mistake), you can easily hire someone in a temporary capacity, so you can try out a new position or employee before making a big commitment. 


Fill positions quickly.

For a small business, every day counts. Going days, weeks, or months with an open position can make a real difference in your company’s productivity and bottom line. Utilizing a staffing company allows you to fill positions quickly, so you can keep your company on track. 


Save money.

How does a staffing company save you money? If you think about it, hiring is a costly endeavor to take on by yourself. Paying for premium memberships, highly visible job postings, access to certain databases, and more can add up quickly. The time you spend hiring, screening, and interviewing employees comes with a cost as well. Not to mention the enormous cost that comes with making a bad hire. Ultimately, you can save money by choosing to utilize a staffing company.


Small businesses have a unique set of needs, and hiring the right people is important. Rather than leave such a critical decision up to chance, use a staffing company. Put their expertise to work for you, and increase your chances of making quick, smart hires. 

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