What Is a Job Board and How Do They Function?


Whether you’re looking for a new job or trying to hire a new employee, there’s a good chance that you’ll become familiar with job boards during your search. 


What exactly are job boards? How do they function, and how can you use them properly?


What is a job board?

A job board is basically a website specifically used to advertise job openings. Employers can post open positions to a job board, and job seekers can visit the board to find jobs that are a good potential fit. Job boards also have search functionality, allowing job seekers to search for jobs within a specific industry and/or city. 


Are job boards only beneficial to job seekers?

No, job boards are also very useful for employers looking to fill open positions. Some sites that have job boards also have databases of potential employees and resumes, allowing employers to search for their own candidates. 


Job boards are also helpful for recruiters, who may even get access to enhanced features.


How do job boards work?

Different job boards may vary slightly in how they function, but the basics are usually the same. Employers create a post on the job board advertising their open position. This usually includes a full job description, including requirements, expectations, salary, etc., along with contact/application information. Some sites even allow candidates to apply directly through the site, which can streamline the process for both the candidate (who can apply much more quickly) and the employer (who can sort through candidates more efficiently when they’re all in one place).


How do I know which job board to use?

The job board that is right for you will depend on several factors. For many companies, using large, well-known sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster, or Indeed gets the job done (so to speak). For others, it might be best to use an industry-specific job board (e.g. medicine, law, finance, etc.). Still others focus on the candidate, and may promote employing military veterans or newly graduated students. It all depends on your needs. 


If I use a job board, do I still need to work with a recruiter?

Hiring can be an expensive and/or time consuming process, and it’s important to do it right. Even if you are comfortable posting to a job board on your own, it is still worth your time to work with a recruiter or staffing agency to help you create an effective job description, find qualified candidates, and make the hiring process as smooth as possible. 


Becoming familiar with job boards can make a big difference the next time you are looking to hire. Now that you know the basics, get to work creating and sharing a great job ad that will attract top talent to your company. 


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