Tips for Hiring for Hard-to-Fill Tech Roles


Some open positions are harder to fill than others. When you are trying to find top talent for a hard-to-fill tech position, the competition can be fierce, and the process may seem overwhelming. 


No need to panic. We have some tips that will help you as you work to fill those tricky positions.


Ask your employees.

Some of the most successful hires start as employee referrals. This is because your employees know, better than anyone else, what it takes to succeed at your company, and they’re likely to refer a candidate who will be a good fit. 


Ask your employees to reach out to their networks about the open position. You’ll increase your candidate pool and your likelihood of finding a quality hire, quickly. 


Hire from within.

Existing employees are already familiar with your company structure, processes, and culture. If possible, consider moving an existing employee to the tech position you’re struggling to fill. This will make the transition smoother for all involved, and will fill the position with someone you know you can trust.


Double check your job descriptions.

If a position has been open for a while, it’s worth reviewing your job descriptions and postings. 

Make sure your description includes:

  • A list of essential skills (make sure they are “must haves”)
  • A description of duties and expectations
  • A list of employee benefits and perks
  • A description of your company (why they should want to work there)

Make sure your description is compelling and enticing. Cut out any requirements that aren’t absolutely necessary, as they could be turning candidates away.


Explore tech communities and job boards.

If you’re looking to fill a tech position, it makes sense to look where tech professionals already are. This means tech-specific job boards, social media groups, or websites designed for tech professionals. This builds your network within the tech community and increases your odds of finding a quality candidate. 


Work with a staffing agency with tech industry experience.

A staffing agency is an invaluable asset for any company who is hiring. But a staffing agency with experience within the specific industry you are hiring for can be a true game-changer. These staffing agencies will have access to the right networks and databases, not to mention the industry knowledge and connections, that will help you find the perfect candidate for your open tech position—quickly. 


These tips can help you find quality candidates for even the most hard-to-fill tech positions. If you’re looking for help filling a tricky tech position, feel free to reach out to EDI Staffing. We have spent almost three decades matching top talent with searching employers, and we have extensive experience in the tech field. Why not increase your chances of a successful hire? Contact us today

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