The Damage of a Bad Hire



“If you think hiring professionals is expensive, try hiring amateurs.” 


At EDI Staffing, we won’t let you hire anyone who is underqualified for any position. Hiring an amateur for the job is not only damaging to your company’s wallet, but it can also hurt your company’s reputation and team harmony. By understanding how detrimental a bad hire is to your company, you can take preventive measures (like working with a staffing company) to save you time and money. 


Here are a few ways a bad hire can damage your company: 


Damage to your Wallet


If your decision to hire a new employee is too quick and frugal, your return on investment will be reflected. A bad hire could cost your company time and money in additional amounts of training and result in a lack of productivity. A bad hire who is not trustworthy could also cause costly legal implications. Save yourself from the costs of holding on to a bad hire and consider investing in their replacement as soon as possible. For your next hire, you’ll know to spend extra time and effort on a carefully vetted professional from the start. 


Damage to your Reputation


A bad hire can take the form of poor performance, poor customer service, or worse. This can reflect negatively on the company, showing up in unfavorable customer reviews and a lack of doing business with clients in the future. When possible, it’s critical to do your best to avoid hiring underqualified talent to perform at the level that your company merits. Reputation takes time to rebuild, don’t let a bad hire ruin it. 


Damage to your Team


Hiring an individual who is considered a bad apple can adversely impact your company’s team dynamic. Some colleagues may feel like they can stoop down to the level of a bad hire while others might be forced to pick up the extra slack. What was once only one bad apple would then soil the entire barrel, damaging the morale of your whole team and reducing its productivity. 


Make your new hire a good one, the first time around.


A bad hire can damage your company’s reputation and cost you even more money than if you were to hire a qualified professional in the first place. If you need help finding a qualified candidate to fill any permanent or temporary role, consider using a staffing company. At EDI Staffing, we have access to a vast database filled with highly skilled professionals and technical resources to make sure that your next hire will not only be a good one but the best one for your company.  

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