Coming Out of a Pandemic with a Glass Half Full


There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic brought unmeasurable devastation to countless lives. With masks coming off and the world returning to a sense of normalcy, it’s important to come out of the pandemic with a mentality of a glass half full. In order to do so, it’s imperative to focus on the positives. 


Here are some positive takeaways from the pandemic:


Strengthening relationships – It’s said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Being apart from family and friends for extended lengths of time can make you appreciate those relationships even more. When you are able to reconnect with each other again, it makes the occasion even more special and gives you plenty of reasons to celebrate. 


Advances in health Hundreds of organizations have been involved with research for vaccines and aid in response to the pandemic. Although not every outcome was the ultimate cure for the virus, the funding and development process led to advancements in health technology among testing, treating, and diagnosing other illnesses. 


Innovation in the office Are you still working remotely? For some businesses, work from home life is here to stay because companies are realizing that they can function without an in-office location. In some cases, adapting to operational changes means cost savings and increased efficiencies; and for others, it can make at-home life more manageable. 


New hobbies – Stay-at-home orders have inspired people to take up activities they might not have tried out otherwise. From health awareness, to exploring local areas, to learning different skills; it’s always fun to try something new and can benefit your quality of life. 


Bettering the environmentLess commuting, less polluting. After mandatory travel restrictions across the globe, emissions and water pollution were remarkably reduced and our overall air quality became greater. 


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The pandemic has certainly brought heartache and anguish to the lives of many. As we are approaching the new normal, it might feel easy to get lost in the negatives. Concentrating on the positives that were a consequence of the pandemic will help you move on to be happy and prepared for anything else life throws at you. 

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