How Technology Enhances Staffing & Recruiting Process


The hiring process can be stressful for both job seekers and recruiters— technology can ease stress exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, technology and innovation have made the hiring process during these times possible, and more efficient than ever. 


Here are a few ways technology enhances the staffing and recruiting process


Enhances Communication


How would job opportunities be discovered without the internet? Today’s technologies allow us to post openings, share them with others, apply for the position, and go through an entire onboarding process completely virtually. We often take for granted advances in technology like phone calls, emails, video conferences, and database management systems; all of which impact the way we communicate. These are tools vital to collaborate and implement a transparent hiring process.


Enhances Scope


The world is at our fingertips and so is the talent pool. Having access to technology enhances the ability to connect to a greater scope of open positions and candidates who are looking for work. At EDI Staffing, we have an online database with more than two million professionals to match with outstanding organizations across the nation. This capability reduces any barriers for individuals who are open to new opportunities and expands the range of skilled candidates for those looking to hire exceptional talent.


Enhances Vetting Process


Information that is put on the web stays on the web; making qualifying candidates more feasible during the vetting process. At EDI Staffing, our technology enhances the validity of candidates through phone screening, reference checking, background scans, and social media analysis. These tests are reliable, and can be performed remotely with the help of technology.


Along with making the staffing and recruiting process possible during the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, there are many ways that technology improves the hiring process for both recruiters and job seekers alike. From enhancing communication, broadening the scope of clients, and improving the vetting process, technology strengthens the entire staffing and recruiting procedure to be more efficient for everyone involved. 

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