10 Tips for Transitioning Back into the Office


After over a year of working remotely, many of you are finally returning to an in-person workplace. (Woo-hoo!) However, it has been a while since you’ve worked in an office setting, under the spectacle of other professionals. There will be acclimation for all levels of management, providing the opportunity to create a fresh start at the office — one that will be even better than when you left it.


Here are 10 tips to make easing back into the office, well, easier!


1. Reflect.


Think back to what the office was like pre-covid — what do you want to change this time around? Was there something that made work more enjoyable when it was from home? Share these observations with other workers to develop an effective routine. 


2. Start fresh.


All fresh starts need a clean space. Before you return to the office, spend some time familiarizing yourself with old files, ditching any paperwork that is no longer needed. You can also add personal touches like photos and art to your space to feel more at home. 


3. Set goals.


Set achievable goals. Take them step-by-step and soon enough, you will accomplish them. There is no harm in starting with basic short-term goals to help you reach your long-term vision.


4. Reach out!


If you or someone you know is having a tough time adjusting to the workplace, help and seek help. Odds are, there are others in your work community experiencing similar feelings. Supporting each other strengthens relationships, helping the change be more comfortable for everyone. After all, success starts with a solid foundation: people.


5. Catch up.


Life continued to happen while everyone was out of office. If they are comfortable with it, ask colleagues how they are doing. The recent circumstances could have seriously impacted your colleagues, and reverting to the office might add to the pressure. Show you care by offering support and staying positive.


6. Get involved!


Don’t just go through the motions. Be excited — you’re back! Get involved with company outings and keep up with industry trends. If you are putting in the time, you might as well enjoy yourself while learning as much as you can. 


7. Dress for success.


You might not have to wear business professional attire anymore, but pajamas are not an option either. Dressing presentable can affect the way coworkers and clients perceive you. In addition, looking nice can make you feel good too. All of these factors contribute to your success.


8. Be a leader.


With everyone returning to the office, there might be hesitancy and confusion. This is your chance to step up as a leader. Leading by example goes a long way in shaping the work culture, and it’s a transferable trait that can come in handy in the future.


9. Show respect.


You are not working from your home anymore. Returning to the office means there will be other perspectives present and rules that follow. Whether there are mixed signals or clear safety protocols, show respect for your colleagues. Along with policies, it is important to mind ethical norms within the organization because they can affect mood and productivity.


10. Work-life balance.


Remember to balance work with fun by taking time to enjoy life outside the office. This will help prevent stress, burnout, and issues that might hinder the ease of transition back to the office.


Best of luck with your transition back into the workplace! Follow these 10 tips to make the change easier for you and your coworkers. If your business requires help, whether it be finding talent or new remote opportunities, contact us.


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