Job Report: Software Developers


As a staffing company, we have access to databases and tools that track trends in hiring. Using CareerBuilder, we drew a report on software developers in the United States because we are seeing more companies seeking this talent. The overview details salary ranges and supply and demand. 


Salary Ranges


The report benchmarks compensation in the workplace for software developers. It shows that offering competitive market wages attracts more candidates and reduces the amount of time required to fill openings. Contrarily, offering below the median pay decreases the probability of finding quality candidates. CareerBuilder pulled data from jobseeker profiles and job postings to find the following salary ranges for software developers:


  • LOW: $97,990 (25th percentile)
  • MEDIAN: $120,138 (50th percentile)
  • HIGH: $135,120 (75th percentile)


Some factors that influence these ranges are education level, as well as the length of experience in the field. Software developer candidates in the U.S. have a median of 6-10 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree. Other demographics for this type of role shows 76% male candidates and 24% female. The cities where candidates most frequently live are New York, NY and Atlanta, GA. 


Supply and Demand


There are 434,640 software developer candidates who are active in CareerBuilder. They have either registered, posted their resume, changed their resume, or applied for a job. The hiring demand for software developers is 5,683,661. They collected this data from company career sites, job boards, and With a rise in job postings and a limited supply of active candidates, there is a shortage in bringing aboard software developers.

The report stated that the top 5 job titles that active candidates commonly use and can be found in resumes and social pages are:


  1. Java Developer
  2. Software Engineer
  3. .Net Developer
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Salesforce Developer


It’s important to consider titles when sourcing jobs to gather a variety of specific talent, especially given the shortage of job seekers. However, when searching for candidates and posting onto job sites, managers will also seek generic titles like front-end developers and software developers.




We used CareerBuilder’s reporting tools to track software developer roles in the United States to help improve hiring practices. We can note that the median salary is $120,138; therefore, offering wages greater than or equal to the median when candidates have 6-10 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree can improve the quality of hires. The supply of candidates falls below the number of jobs demanded by companies needing software developers, resulting in a shortage of candidates and a surplus of these types of jobs. Knowing this, hiring managers could offer incentives such as flexibility and above-median wages to compete with other job offers and make a successful hire from the limited talent pool. It’s a candidate’s market and for those who are actively searching for work as a software developer, options are abundant; especially in states like New York, Georgia, and even Texas. 

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