5 Ways to Cope with Staffing Shortages


According to the Economic News Release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of job openings exceeds the number of job hires, and 242,000 people have quit their job as of August 2021. We know Covid-19 influences the world’s staffing shortage and drives the candidate’s market, but what should businesses do about it?

Here are 5 ways businesses can work to combat staffing shortages:


Take Precautions


For many, safety is a deciding factor on whether to return to work. Clearly explain all precautions you are taking to maintain everyone’s safety. You can also encourage vaccinations, mask-wearing, and provide proper sanitation equipment. If your company’s success depends on its employees, setting guidelines and reassurance is worth the effort to attract new ones. 




The freedom to choose your schedule appeals to those who need to work odd hours, or prefer working when the office is at low capacity. Consider offering work-from-home or hybrid options to those hesitant to work in person. Being a flexible manager can reduce stress, improve work quality, and increase employee retention. 




Businesses can cope with shortages during a pandemic by offering benefits such as generous time off, healthcare, ongoing training and development. Benefits can help you keep and gain employees, as well as promote a healthy work-life balance. 


Competitive Pay


Our recent blog describes how offering salaries above the median wage during a candidate’s market can help businesses compete with hiring. Competitive wages attract a larger pool of candidates to choose from, and they typically have higher skills and experience levels. 


Staffing Agency


EDI Staffing is an agency with an active database comprising over 2 million carefully vetted professionals. For most businesses, it’s difficult to make hiring decisions while having other day-to-day priorities. Working with a staffing agency can make the hiring process seamless, saving you time and money while providing a qualified candidate pool.


It’s a candidate’s market and following these 5 tips can help you stay competitive while hiring so you don’t come up short with candidates. Whether you are looking to hire a contract, contract to hire, or direct hire — contact us today! You work hard for your deadlines. We work hard for your team.



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