4 Workplace Predictions for the New Year


Another eventful year has come and gone! We’ve dealt with uncertainties, overcame adversity with great resilience, and adapted to challenges using technology. Will next year be a similar scenario?


Here are 4 workplace predictions for 2022:


1. Remote and hybrid work is here to stay.


Most white-collar businesses have adapted to a remote or hybrid work style. Telecommuting once a week or being fully remote is a huge convenience factor that we will likely see next year. Hybrid models have been shown to increase overall productivity for both the company and its employees. It also increases job satisfaction and flexibility for workers. 


2. Hiring will remain competitive.


The search for exceptional talent will remain competitive as the market continues to be driven by candidates. Appealing incentives will be needed to keep and acquire talent. Some examples of motivating factors include higher than normal wages, benefits, growth potential, and remote options. Numerous openings in the job market might make it difficult to entice qualified candidates. 


3. Taking advantage of staffing companies.


With competitive hiring, it’s predictable that both hiring managers and job seekers will take advantage of working with staffing companies. A credible staffing agency such as EDI Staffing has access to millions of resources to fulfill both parties’ needs. In current times, hiring is hard enough. Not only will staffers help match professionals to jobs, fulfilling the basic need to hire, but they will get it done quickly while providing vetted quality candidates.


4. Investment in technology.


As technology continues to emerge, it will take on investment across all businesses. One reason is, remote and hybrid work model’s primary form of communication and job function are supported by technology. We predict that leaders of organizations will invest in technology to promote fluency, increase productivity, and information security of the business. 


These past two years have proven that uncertainty is the new normal. To combat this, people have had to adjust and be flexible with their work lives. These are just a few predictions of what the future holds; where do you see the workplace going in the upcoming years?


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