Resume Database Doubles to 4 Million



Lasting relationships with our clients are what set us apart from other agencies. As a result, we are eager to announce that our database keeps growing with our relationships! Since our last report in 2014, the amount of resumes within our active database has more than DOUBLED in just 8 years. A new report from our applicant tracking site revealed the following data as of January 2022:


(Number of candidates as of 2014: 1,416,566)

Number of candidates as of 2022: 2,888,264

(Number of resumes as of 2014: 2,005,936)

Number of resumes as of 2022: 4,159,471


Number of resumes including specific skillset:


Oracle: 1,722,124 

ERP: 1,170,319

EDI/eCommerce: 840,150 

Java: 1,367,438

.Net: 1,214,193

SAP: 728,121

HIPAA: 299,217


These are just a few examples of information technology skillsets within our growing database. With almost 3 million candidates and well over 4 million resumes, new ones continue to be added each day. While our index is vast, we understand your version of a perfect candidate must meet your specific needs and fulfill your skill requirements. We also understand that compensation must work for both parties and candidates must be currently seeking new opportunities. 

That’s where we come in. EDI Staffing is here to guide you through the process. If you are interested in learning how our team can assist you, set up a conversation! There is no cost to review a few resumes.

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