Employee Retention: How to Keep Employees Wanting to Work for You


“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” — Richard Branson

Searching for talent, onboarding employees, and training new hires can be difficult; that’s just half the battle. Another challenge is retaining them and keeping them happy.


Here’s some insight for keeping employees willing and wanting to work:


Maintain Strong Communication

If you are someone who manages a team, it is crucial to maintain excellent communication — even once you’ve both found a work rhythm. Open communication makes employees feel comfortable voicing questions. Addressing each one directly and reaching out frequently prevents unnecessary miscommunication that might cause someone to want to leave.


Provide a Sense of Ownership


When employees feel a sense of ownership, they’re more likely to be loyal to the company. Give workers a chance to contribute by asking for their feedback and opinions. In addition, giving workers project leadership and encouraging them to solve problems on their own can make them more invested.


Respect a Work-Life Balance


If an employee’s job is becoming overbearing and encroaching on their personal life, they might seek other opportunities. You can offer flexibility like paid time off or work-from-home options so they feel less stressed, but continue to set expectations and monitor deadlines. A little balance will make your team feel appreciated and want to continue working for you.


Career Progression Opportunities


Everyone wants opportunities to develop their career. Allow your employees the chance to work hard and move through the ranks. You could start by increasing their responsibilities (where they are comfortable) and providing incentives like a small bonus or raise. It keeps them engaged and less tempted to find another job, one that could better advance their career.


Invest in Employees


The more effort you put into your employees, the greater return you will achieve. Put resources into your workers so they can feel prepared to perform their jobs to the fullest. Whether it’s keeping up with software and equipment, occasional training, or providing a comfortable workspace; you can preserve your team by investing in them.


When you’re able to keep your employees (and keep them happy), it benefits the entire team. This shows you respect their professional lives in the office and their personal lives outside of it. When workers are content, it results in higher retention and greater productivity. However, when the time comes to replace someone, you can consider working with a staffing agency for additional support. 


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