Tips for Writing a Cover Letter (For an IT Job)


Of course, resumes provide an excellent outline of your skills and jobs you’ve held in the past; but cover letters are a great supplement for explaining yourself when applying to a new job – particularly in tech! Cover letters describe your relevant experience as a brief explanation. Cover letters show how you’ve come this far and tell hiring managers why they should hire you.


Here is some guidance for putting together a cover letter for an IT position:


To start, make sure you format your cover letter properly. Most of the time, you’ll want to put a header at the top that includes the date, your mailing address, phone number, email, and employer address. The introduction should start with a greeting to whom you are writing. This first paragraph will include your purpose for writing, the position you’re applying for, and a few points on why you are a good fit. You’ll want to go into depth in the second paragraph. 


The second paragraph should paint a clear picture of your capabilities. What tools or software did you work with? Did you work with a team? How did you implement technologies? What were the results? Provide relevant numbers and facts that hiring managers can’t resist. Show-off, but be honest with your strengths. You’ll also want to illustrate your people-skills like, communication, leadership, and patience – especially as an IT candidate.


As you put your cover letter together, remember to be clear and share YOUR unique experiences. This is not an opportunity to be funny or generic. It’s a chance to be professional and talk about anything your resume doesn’t go into depth about. The company is looking to grow too, so do your research on what they are looking for and tailor your explanation towards it. 


At the end of the document, provide a strong closing remark. Reiterate your fit for the role and how you’re the perfect match. Add a call to action, such as proposing a question or asking to schedule an interview. Finally, thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration and sign your name along with your contact information. 


The cover letter is essentially a sales pitch to the company. Taking the time to think it through and structure it properly can go a long way. It shows you’re interested, prepares you for the interview, and can make or break whether you get the job – or someone else.


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