How to Find a Job you Love: 5 Things


Finding the job of your dreams isn’t easy; but if it means waking up every day feeling productive and excited about work, then it’s worth giving some thought. 


Here are 5 things to think about while searching for a job you love:


1. What piques your interest?


Think about what brings you joy! Do you like helping others? Are you comfortable taking risks? Do you crave a challenge? Identify what excites you (and what doesn’t) to gauge which career field is the right choice.


2. Taking an online career-match quiz.


Online career-matching quizzes help determine your personality type and how it translates into the workplace. They reveal what motivates you, along with specific jobs and industries you align with.  


3. Leveraging your network.


Use relationships to your advantage to gain insight into jobs you might like. If you are interested in someone’s field, take a walk in their shoes as a shadow, intern, or mentee to test whether it’s something you’d be happy doing every day. 


4. “Do what you love and the money will follow.” – Marsha Sinetar


Although it’s important, don’t focus on the salary alone. You don’t want to blind yourself to what really matters in the grand scheme of your life. Pursue a job that at least provides career growth, reasonable benefits, and is satisfying to you. 


5. Working with a staffing agency.


Companies like EDI Staffing streamline the job search and find roles tailored for you. They keep your best interests in mind, focusing on your skills and career aspirations. Specialized agencies like EDI Staffing are knowledgeable about niche occupations and have a strong sense of where you’ll fit in and thrive.


Life is too short to drag your feet around at a job you don’t like. Loving your job increases motivation, improves mental health, boosts productivity, and so much more. The benefits are endless – let’s find a job you LOVE!

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