Cast a Wider Net for Talent by Offering Remote Work



Are you looking to grow your business, but find it challenging to hire employees who want to work onsite? If possible, consider offering remote work. Recent studies suggest that providing the option to work remotely appeals to candidates. A collaboration between Owl Labs and Global Workplace Analytics surveyed full-time employees on the state of remote work.

Here are highlights from Owl Labs and Global Workplace Analytics’s data collected in September 2021 of 2,050 full-time workers:


  • 69% have worked or are still working remotely during the pandemic
  • 70% want a hybrid or remote working style after the pandemic is over
  • 90% felt as productive or more while working from home
  • 84% said working remotely after the pandemic would make them happier
  • 38% would take a 5% pay cut to work remotely at least part of the time
  • Over 72% of remote workers felt: more present with family, happier, better at managing conflict, trusted, valued, less stressed, less likely to leave their employer, more likely to recommend their employer, and more inclined to choose one job over another


For many reasons, it’s obvious that remote work is beneficial to employees. These advantages extend into your organization as well. Remote work can increase productivity, reduce overhead costs, and reduce turnover for your business. Candidates drive the current job market and hold the power to decide which company will provide them with the best opportunities. As many businesses adjust to this new work model, it sets others behind. By offering remote or hybrid work, you cast a wider net for talent, improving your selection of candidates to grow your company.


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