Smaller Staffing, Specialized Solutions



With staffing, bigger agencies are not always better. While the business we do is not “small” by any means, our dedicated team delivers individualized attention to every client. We may be small, but whether it be finding the perfect candidate or matching with a dream job; our niche expertise will bring you to a tailored solution.


Here are 3 reasons smaller staffing agencies produce better solutions:


1. No one is just a number.


As an agency on the smaller size, we are customer-centric, putting the needs of our clients as our number one priority. In any situation, call us directly and we will be happy to learn about your needs and help you achieve your goals. For almost 30 years, we have nourished relationships with our clients, many of them face-to-face. We have a deeply rooted understanding of each client’s business, and we’re often the go-to partner for EDI and IT staffing services nationwide. When working with a smaller agency, nobody is just a number. 


2. Communicative team dynamic.


Our tight-knit team encompasses hardworking individuals who are committed to the success of one another. Our cross-functional communication ranges across all levels of management in order to deliver the best solutions to our clients. We maximize efficiency by keeping everyone in the loop, increasing productivity, as well as the quality of our work. Our team devotes themselves to one another, working together to derive the best solutions for our clients.


3. Niche expertise.


Instead of working with generalists, work with specialists. When working with a small staffing agency like EDI Staffing, you are not speaking with an entry-level representative, who doesn’t know the difference between Java and C++. Our seasoned account managers and recruiters understand individual clients’ requirements and IT goals. A lot of our employees have first-hand experience in the field or have served on a board for IT or EDI organizations. 


Better staffing comes in smaller packages. It does not have to be complicated to achieve all of your hiring goals. When working with a team that specializes in the field you are looking to hire in, you attain tailored results. When working with a smaller agency, you will reach higher retention, greater rates, and endless support when you need it. Smaller agencies pay attention to the details. Smaller staffing agencies deliver specialized solutions.

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