Mentors: An Asset to the Workplace


A mentor is a trusted leader who supports other employees in the workplace. They are a role model who provides availability, positive influence, and guidance to teammates of lesser experience. Whether you are looking to hire one, become one, or if you are one; mentors are an asset to the workplace.


Here are the benefits of mentors in the workplace, with insight from our very own mentor figure, Dean Anderson, who has been with EDI Staffing for well over two decades:


Being a Mentor


“Being a mentor is very rewarding, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or I love every part of the role.” – Dean Anderson, VP of Sales at EDI Staffing


This type of leadership is gratifying but also carries great commitment. A mentor must be comfortable learning as they go and picking up employees when they fail. As a mentor, Dean believes it’s easiest to be fully transparent, stay positive, and make individuals aware of their solid attributes so they can leverage them in an environment where they will thrive. To an extent, the role calls for additional effort outside of their actual job, such as being available to answer questions or discuss performance. A mentor is a coach; checking in from time to time and helping others reach their goals. 


“The truly rewarding part is seeing someone thriving in a role to where they are not only succeeding but they like what they do every day.” – Dean Anderson


Being a mentor is empowering. Mentors share their stories with those willing to learn while helping them develop their careers. As a mentor, Dean tries teaching employees everything he knows that works successfully while passing along industry trends he notices working well for others in his network. Employees look up to mentors. As a leader, mentors see tremendous growth in their own confidence and ability to communicate, as well as in others, too. Although it comes with immense trust from the employer, a mentor is a role model. They are big shoes for employees to fill someday.


The Benefits of Having a Mentor Within an Organization


“I think any business can benefit from having mentors on their team. As long as a mentor is honest, open-minded, and willing to help others, while also transferring their knowledge of the years they’ve had success in the business, it will always help the company.” – Dean Anderson


Mentors are an asset to the workplace. They are loyal to the organization and passionate about their work; something all executives want for their team. The foundation of any strong relationship is honesty and trust. “It’s necessary because this honesty transfers to how well you handle your clients.” Dean understands transparency creates trust and brings value to customers who, over time, become like friends.


Mentors also bring a veteran perspective. They have years of experience, unique stories, and industry knowledge. Dean has almost 30 years in IT staffing; a point of view like his is unmatched. Who better to train, encourage, and teach new employees the ropes? Whether there is an official mentor program in place or a natural confidante on the staff, the interpersonal skills of a mentor figure are needed within all organizations. With a mentor present, employees feel comfortable being honest, asking questions, or seeking advice. Having a mentor on the team can even be a selling point when looking to grow a business. 


The benefits of having a mentor extend beyond improving company culture. A study from Kansas State University suggests mentors boost harmony and improve organizational values within the business. Mentors also strengthen employee retention and increase productivity. They keep the purpose in sight, so goals are within reach. Mentors are an economical way to drive results while enhancing the business.


Mentors Pass on Knowledge and Leadership


“We often need to get out of our comfort zones to find real growth.”  – Dean Anderson


By guiding and inspiring others, mentors pay it forward. Dean’s mentor has always been his father. “[Dean’s father] owned his own company for many years and he was the most honest businessman I’ve ever known.” Among many principles Dean learned from his mentor, he continues to pass down the importance of honesty, ethics, and philanthropy to his mentees. These values conduct how Dean does business with clients today and translate into his ongoing success. He is always looking to bring value to clients, whether or not it means he gets their business–because it’s the right thing to do. 


“It is so important to pass on what we know to help others coming up behind us in life. However, it’s even more important to keep learning and to keep growing ourselves. Be honest. Be Kind. If you put the work in, the rewards will come and you’ll get to help so many people along the way. Helping others brings humility, creates empathy, and changes your perspective in so many ways. I feel everyone has some specific knowledge that they acquired along the way that they can now transfer to someone else in life. What we’ve learned through our experiences can truly help others. In some aspects, I think everyone can and should be a mentor to make the world a better place.“ – Dean Anderson


EDI Staffing


Repeatedly, mentors continue to advance the workplace. If you can’t be a mentor, you can always outsource someone with a considerable background in the industry. Every thriving business needs an experienced and approachable leader. If your business requires a short-term rejuvenation or is looking for a long-term guide to lead the team towards success, EDI Staffing can fulfill your needs. With full transparency, EDI Staffing specializes in tailoring IT talent nationwide and across all industries; from contracts, contract-to-hire, and full-time hires. 


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