7 Team-Bonding Ideas for Remote Teams


Team bonding is fantastic for building camaraderie, collaboration, and showing staff appreciation. However, these benefits can be challenging to achieve without fun ideas–especially for remote workers.


Here are seven team-bonding activities for remote teams:


1. Kahoot Team Trivia

Gather interesting facts about one another and create a multiple-choice Kahoot trivia game to play via video call. This is a fun way to test your knowledge of each other and learn new things.

It’s free! Just visit: www.kahoot.com 


2. Virtual Happy Hour

Send out an e-gift card or care package filled with cocktails, mocktails, and snacks for a virtual happy hour. Once everyone receives their goodies, you are ready to hang out over video or pair with another activity. 


3. Cooking Class

Outsource a chef or ask someone on your team (who loves to cook) to give a virtual cooking class. You can supply the ingredients prior to the lesson and share how your creations turn out once you’re all finished cooking.

Another fun idea: Make a collaborative cookbook with everyone’s favorite recipes–try using Google Docs!


4. Paint Night

Find an artist or have someone on your team (who loves to paint) lead a virtual paint night. Send everyone a kit with the art supplies and follow along virtually to create individual masterpieces–you can show them off afterward!


5. At-Home Scavenger Hunt

Make a checklist of household items to collect. The list could include a pet, a photograph, a decoration, an instrument, and other common household items that might spark conversation. Then, show and tell the items to the group!


6. Two Truths and a Lie

Everyone writes down two true facts and a lie about themselves, and you all go around sharing and guessing which facts are truths. You will see how well you know your team and learn something new about each other.

For example: “I know four languages, have five kids, and play the guitar.” Which ones are true? Which one is the lie?


7. In-Person Outing

Pick a time and place that works for your team and choose an outing. You could do dinner, bowling, a boat ride, or other non-work-related activity that your team would appreciate. If you can, fly-out employees that aren’t local to include them in your team outing too.


These activities are friendly for remote teams of all sizes. Pair an activity with a happy hour and get everyone out of the office setting. Remember to keep things appropriate and inclusive. You can also establish a reward to keep employees engaged. Have fun!

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