A Simple Checklist for a Strong Job Description


When hiring, job descriptions often go overlooked and posted without further regard. However, job descriptions are one of the primary avenues to find candidates for the position, so you must check all the boxes before posting one.


Here is a simple checklist for creating a solid job description: 


☑️ A clear job title – Keep it general and about 1-3 words.


☑️ Company description – Tell the job seeker how great your organization is.


☑️ Job requirements, qualifications, education, and experience needed.


☑️ Location – Is it in an ideal location? Will there be any remote flexibility?


☑️ General compensation. – Be upfront with candidates and save time. 


☑️ Is the role temporary or permanent? – Set expectations up front.


☑️ Job benefits and perks –What are the hard and soft benefits?


☑️ How to apply – Provide contact information and links to apply.


☑️ Refresh the posting when needed. 


Keep your job description 300-700 words to stay competitive in this market. Candidates typically spend only a few minutes looking over descriptions before they move on to other opportunities. Language and organization are crucial. Be persuasive, include common keywords related to the role, and ensure that no grammatical errors or formatting get in the way of understanding the post–simple!


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