Hiring Struggles and Solutions in a Candidates Market


We put out a LinkedIn poll asking, “What is your biggest pain point when hiring good IT talent in this market?” because we genuinely want to know how everyone is coping with the current state of hiring–so we can help you!


We provided four potential pain points that might cause businesses to struggle to hire solid talent. According to the poll so far, option-c is the top pain point for businesses:


“What is your biggest pain point when hiring good IT talent in this market?”


a. Candidates demanding remote work 

b. Candidates requesting high salaries

c. Candidates lacking solid technical skills 

d. Candidates going after other offers


Whatever your biggest pain point may be, we seek solutions not only to help you fill roles but hire individuals who are qualified for them. A recent article by Paychex, an American HR company, uncovered a few ways to deal with some pain points. The report discussed realistic yet practical recruitment measures for transitioning from a reactive to a proactive hiring approach during this candidates market.


Here are five proactive hiring tactics according to Paychex:


  1. Offer higher pay
  2. Offer remote flexibility 
  3. Emphasize company culture
  4. Initiate quick offers and compensation benchmarking to create competitive offers
  5. Provide career advancement and development paths


Paychex’s article provides an excellent resource for hiring managers to cope with the current market–versus working against it. You can learn about additional hiring initiatives in Paychex’s full article.


Next time you are struggling to hire qualified candidates, contact us! We specialize in contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent IT staffing, with a niche in EDI. Our year-to-year success is because of our value-driven focus on the “people” making up our business, as well as our in-depth pre-screening and accurate compatibility testing. 

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