5 Tips for Onboarding Remote Employees


Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly popular to onboard remote employees. And although it doesn’t happen after just one day, learning a few tips can help you achieve a productive process.


Here are five tips for onboarding remote employees:


1. Set them up for day one, before day one.


Be prepared–have all digital forms signed and the necessary equipment sent and set up before their first day. Even though it won’t be in-person, a little preparation will show your new hire you’re ready for them and give them good peace of mind. 


2. Introduce them to everyone and everything.


Welcome your new hire and help them virtually get to know the people who make up your company. Whether through video call, slack, or email, this will allow your new employee to visualize where they will fit in terms of personality and skill set and pave the way for good communication with everyone.


In addition, introduce your new hire to your company’s technology. Demonstrate how the systems work and how your new hire will use them. Having a mentor figure on your staff or someone experienced in the role can help ease this process for you and your new employee. 


3. Establish expectations.


Familiarize your new hire with company norms. Ensure they know the schedule, support channels, and expectations. Try to eliminate unknowns so they understand your company’s dynamic. They should feel comfortable settling in and ready to be productive. 


4. Gather feedback.


Ask for feedback as your new hire progresses through the onboarding process. Since you might not see your remote employees face to face very often, checking in from time to time can show your support, help them stay on track, and improve the process for future hires. Listen for feedback from the rest of your team to see what they think. 


5. Recognize or reconsider.


When working remotely, it may take longer to mesh new employees with your team, so give it a few weeks. You might recognize they are an excellent fit for everyone from feedback and observations during the process, or you might need to reconsider this decision. Determining how you want to move forward early on is vital so you can allocate resources efficiently. 


Newly hired remote workers accredit their success to their managers organizing the process and support from their team. Embrace technology, establish good communication, and be proactive–everyone will thank you.


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