Keep Up with Growth: People and Tech


Everyone wants their business to flourish, but meeting goals can be challenging without proper support. Whether your company lacks human capital, technical proficiency, or leadership, you can still keep up with technological growth by developing your team.


Here’s insight for growing your business with people and tech:


Invest in Skills


Bring on people with skills. Dice’s Tech Job Report, The State of the Tech Job Market, revealed,  “Demand for tech talent has continued to grow throughout the first half of this year.” Despite layoffs and hiring pauses across the globe, hiring tech has done just the opposite of freeze. Dice is a technology and engineering career site delivering trends from job posting data pulled in July 2022 by their partner, Lightcast. 


It’s no secret that companies are investing in technical resources. Dice emphasized the need to hire technologists with data-related skills. These skills improve your organization’s communication, analysis, and decision-making efficiency. Highly demanded skills include SQL, Python, and AWS, especially cloud storage and related skills. A few software upgrades or technical hires will keep your business ahead of others.


Continuous Training


Another way to evolve with the market is by offering training to current employees. Because studies have shown that employees desire continued training and education, Dice suggests incorporating programs to “upskill and retain current employees.” Opportunities for job seekers are growing in tandem with tech. Invest in your employees to reduce turnover during candidate markets and augment the knowledge within your organization.


Hire IT Contractors


At all levels of management, contracting IT can bring any goal to fruition, whether it be a sporadic need or a long-term project. IT contractors bring an outside perspective and help you keep things running smoothly. Additional advantages to temporary hires:


  • They fill gaps in your staff
  • They can save you the cost of a permanent hire
  • They come prepared with previous experience and their unique expertise
  • They can promote balance within your workplace
  • They will save you time hiring (especially when working with a staffing agency) 
  • Quick and convenient onboarding process if you decide to hire them full-time 


Technological growth in business doesn’t have to be a bad thing; competition like this is what makes you grow. By keeping up with growth in data and tech, you will realize essential skills, improve retention, and fulfill projects that you might not have had the resources to complete successfully. 


Whether you need contract staff augmentation, permanent staffing, customized recruiting campaigns, or project services, EDI Staffing delivers experienced, connected, and proven IT professionals to your workforce. 


If you’re looking for top IT talent, contact us today to discuss our service offerings.

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