How to Stay Positive Post Job Rejection



If you didn’t get the job, don’t stress. It might not have been meant to be, but there might be something positive you can take away after going through all the steps to get hired.


Here are 3 positive takeaways from job rejection:


You’ve set yourself up to be hired.


It’s not easy looking for a job, and it can be a lot of work. You need to update your resume, apply to multiple jobs through various job boards (with many requiring you to set up a profile), attend job fairs, email multiple managers about their job openings, do interviews, and more. It’s safe to say applying for a job can be a job in itself, and after all that, rejection can be discouraging. On the bright side, by going through the process, you make it easier for yourself to find, or be found by, the next opportunity. These writing, research, and communication skills will all transfer and help you in future job searches. 


You’ve gained interview practice.


You thought you found the perfect opportunity, did the research, practiced answering questions, passed the screenings, dressed the part, and nailed the interview, but you still got rejected. Is it a bummer? It can be. But don’t dwell on the fact you didn’t get the job. You should be proud of your accomplishments thus far and feel confident that you gave it your best. From going into the interview prepared and discussing your experience with a new employer, you’ve gained valuable practice. The more you go through the steps, the more you’ll learn from them and improve for the next time. 


You’ve made connections.


Maybe the decision came down to you and one other candidate. Even being the runner-up can have a positive takeaway for a few reasons. The company saw potential in you, which should make you feel reassured. If you’re the second choice and the first candidate backs out, you’re next in line! And if you leave a good impression, the hiring managers will remember you and likely reach out with other options. Make sure to follow up in an email and keep in touch through LinkedIn too – this is how you nurture your professional network. 


Remember, if you’re rejected from a job, you’re not alone, and there is something positive for you to take away moving forward. You should be proud of yourself. The effort you put into preparing and practicing sets you up for all of the opportunities to come. 


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