6 Ways to Boost Cybersecurity Within Your Business


Whether you work in IT or have a less technical role, you are still working with technology. So, being an expert or not, it’s vital to defend your company’s data to avoid potentially costly accidents, breaches in security, or hackers.  


Here are 6 ways to boost cybersecurity within your business:


1. Employee Training & Awareness


You can’t always assume your team is fully aware of the steps to keep their information protected. Go over best practices with them, covering everything from password protection to recognizing phishing scams and understanding the potential harm of a security breach. You can brief employees as they are onboarded and do quarterly training sessions as needed. 


2. Increase IT Staff


If your team requires expertise to hold training and ensure information is secure, consider outsourcing a professional on an as-needed basis to help maintain IT security. A brief insight from an expert could go a long way and save you a lot of time and hassle. 


3. Promote Password Protection


Nowadays, we change passwords almost monthly, including various special characters, and exclude personal information from being in it; a lot to remember, but it’s worth it. It’s also necessary to add multi-factor authentication (MFA) as another layer of protection. This means employees will receive a text, email, phone call, or other factors to double-authenticate that the person who belongs to the account is the one signing in. 


4. Monitor Activity


Anyone who comes across your network can be a threat, and these threats can be challenging to spot. Keep an eye out for anyone downloading huge files onto external devices or unrecognizable devices on your network. After spotting something that might be suspicious, follow up before anything detrimental or costly happens.


5. Back Everything Up


The US Geological Survey suggests backups to “protect against human errors, hardware failure, virus attacks, power failure, and natural disasters.” It’s a simple thing that helps you save time and money in case of any unfortunate events. To ensure you run backups properly, do research, follow best practices, or consider hiring an expert to administer them for you. You could also take advantage of the Cloud, so sensitive information is automatically backed up safely and efficiently.


6. Frequent Updates


One reason software advances and requires updates is for your own protection. They fix bugs, improve security, upgrade compatibility, and keep everything running smoothly. Take advantage of these changes by keeping everything up-to-date. You can set these to be automatic or periodically go through your applications and software. 


When it comes to cyber security, it’s essential to take preventative measures and act quickly to mitigate risks of theft or loss. Need help safeguarding your sensitive information? We’ll help you make a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and quick hire. Contact us to learn more today!

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