New Salary Postings Laws: What to Know



If your business is hiring or you are in the business of staffing and recruiting, you might have heard the news. The new salary posting law has taken effect, prohibiting many employers from posting job listings without minimum and maximum salary information, according to the New York City Council. Although this law solely affects New York City, come 2023, salary transparency could be the new norm for many employers across the country. 


Here’s what we know:


To promote equal pay and prevent discrimination.


Unfortunately, inequalities in pay and discrimination are still a thing, even as we approach 2023. From the Committee on Civil and Human Rights, the newly enacted bill would make it an unlawful discriminatory practice not to include min or max salary for any position within NYC. 


The New York City Council outlined that any posted salary range should be in good faith, what the employer would pay for the advertised job, promotion, or transfer. A public salary range is helpful for those affected by discrimination or potentially paid less.


Temporary staffing firms are exempt.


The New York City Council states that temporary staffing firms are exempt from this legislation since this information is provided after interviews, in compliance with the NY State Wage Theft Prevention Act. 


Salary transparency isn’t just a goal for New Yorkers.


Several states already have transparency laws in the works: Connecticut, California, Maryland, Nevada, Rhode Island, Washington, Ohio, Colorado, and more. Be proactive and organize what’s best for your hiring team for the time being. For some, salary transparency is vital. For others, posting wages upfront complicates things.


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Source: The New York City Council

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