New Year, New Job? Find Work With EDI Staffing



There is no better time to start thinking about your next career move than the start of a new year.


Here are three ways to get ahead on this year’s resolution:


Leverage LinkedIn


Take advantage of your network by wishing old and new connections a happy new year and asking about upcoming projects. To take nurturing these relationships a step further, share or comment on their posts, and create your own so they can interact too. What are your career goals for the new year? If you verbalize what you are looking for, like a new job, your professional network will show its support (and so will the LinkedIn algorithm).


Work with a Recruiter


Working with a recruiter is not only fast, but it is free! If you are looking for a job in software development, a specialized IT recruiter can assist you with your resume, prepare you for the onboarding process, and help you land a job that fulfills your desired new-year needs. Building relationships with recruiters specializing in your field is a winning combination for increasing your visibility as a candidate and your likelihood of being hired.


Utilize Job Boards


If you are looking for work, get your resume out there! Of course, working with a recruiter is one of your best options, but utilizing multiple job boards is another good way to widen the variety of roles to choose from. Some great job boards include CareerBuilder, Dice, LinkedIn, Monster, and others. With most, you can create a profile that includes your resume and contact information to make sending multiple applications a more efficient strategy. You are not limited to using job sites to find work either; staffing agencies and company career pages also showcase potential opportunities.


Whether you’re ready for an in-person job or just a fresh start, finding a solution to your resolution has to start somewhere! You got this.


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