5 Benefits of Hiring a Temp Developer in IT



Hiring an expert with the right skills can simplify any complex project, especially in information technology, even if it’s short-term. Contractors are flexible, competent, and unbiased resources who provide support when and where your team needs it most. The contractor you hire becomes a well-versed extension of your organization.


Why hire a temporary developer?


1. Short-Term ProjectWorking with a developer on a short-term basis can be handy whether you require a quick placement during peaks of activity throughout the year or when you have a single project needing support. 


2. Development – Depending on your needs, you could hire a developer specializing in websites, mobile apps, coding, or managing your system’s software.


3. Niche Skills – Various developers within IT have hard and soft skills that mesh well with any team and technical need. To name a few:


  • – Database and coding languages like SQL, JavaScript, and Python
  • – Mathematical and problem-solving skills
  • – Leadership qualities like communication, organization, and attention to detail


4. Alleviate Burden – When hiring a developer as a consultant, you reduce the costs of onboarding and training. At EDI Staffing, we handle the onboarding and the payroll by hiring a contractor versus a direct hire. Alleviating this burden from your organization reduces risk and saves you time. 


5. Quick Fix – If you have a critical software issue, temp developers are a quick fix. They optimize your systems, detect errors, and make recommendations preventing future technical problems. Working with a staffing agency streamlines solutions and prevents you from going through an entire onboarding process for a full-time hire.


If you lack the resources to hire a full-time professional but still require assistance from an expert to help with your IT systems, considering a short-term developer is a good idea. The beauty of temp-to-hire is similar to try-before-you-buy. At the end of the project, you can decide if contract-to-hire is an option.


At EDI Staffing, our senior recruiters thoroughly screen and cross-reference every candidate and leverage the best recruitment technologies to ensure you have the best hire for your team. Our IT candidate pool ranges from full-stack and systems developers to data scientists and more. If you’re looking for top IT talent, contact us today to discuss our service offerings.


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