3 Ways to Revamp IT Recruitment



To attract the best talent for your IT department, you must do more than post a good job description. It is essential to set yourself apart as a company that prioritizes the well-being of its employees. 


Did you know that according to CareerBuilder for Employers, 82% of job seekers want to work for a company with robust diversity, equity, and inclusion programs? In one of our latest video posts, Director of Business Development, Alex Taratuta, shared a few ways hiring managers can attract a wider talent pool. He emphasized the importance of integrating your organization’s commitment to diversity into your recruitment strategy. 


Here are three simple ways you can revamp your IT recruitment strategy with DEI:


#1 Improve Job descriptions

  • – Use inclusive language
  • – Provide salary ranges
  • – Be transparent about skill requirements 
  • – Be upfront about inclusive company policies


#2 Strengthen the Screening Process

  • – Remove candidates’ names from resumes
  • – Use personality assessment tools and technical tests
  • – Judge everyone against the same criteria


#3 Broaden Your Search

  • – Reach out to new talent pools through job boards, trade schools, and community events
  • – Offer flexibility, relocation, and commuter benefits
  • – 79% of job seekers feel that working remotely is a necessity, according to CareerBuilder


BONUS: Partner with a Staffing Agency


EDI Staffing is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. Last year, one of our partnering job boards, CareerBuilder, teamed up with iHeart Radio’s Black Information Network. With this partnership, CareerBuilder plans to connect 100,000 professionals in the black community with resources to achieve career stability, benefits, and a higher income. They aim to be the community’s “one-stop-shop” for tools helping black career-seekers build their resumes, identify transferable skills, and discover their career to then advance to. We are proud to be working with organizations that are committed to attracting diverse job seekers.


These are just a few ways your organization can promote diversity, equity, and inclusion with each hire to stand out and attract the best and brightest professionals for your team.


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