7 Ways to Create Your Own Luck During the Job Search



The job search can be frustrating, and opportunities don’t usually fall into your lap either. You must create your own luck. It takes time outside of your regular day-to-day to prepare, practice, and present yourself to a potential new employer. But when you put in the effort, things start to fall into place, almost like magic! 


Here are 7 ways to help you land a job by creating your own luck:


1. Stay Positive 🌈


Good luck starts with a positive mindset. Focus on things you can control, like gaining new skills, seeking new opportunities, and making new connections. Be optimistic! You could apply to forty-nine jobs, but the fiftieth application could be the one. Don’t lose hope. You have the power to make things happen. 


2. Put in the Work 💪


When applying for a job, refresh your resume before sending it out. Also, create a cover letter if the application provides the option. Cover letters help HR learn more about your personality and aspirations that distinguish you from other candidates. Interview practice can also help you feel comfortable and prepared to ace the interview. Putting in the work helps drive favorable results. 


3. Look in the Right Places 🍀


Although you might get a few targeted job ads, you still need to do some digging to find the golden job. Check out various job boards and complete your professional profiles. Some of our favorite job boards for IT roles are Dice, Monster, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and CareerBuilder. You can also check out the career pages on company websites that interest you or search on our job board, www.edistaffing.com/JOBS. We add new job postings daily. 


4. Leverage Your Network 👥


Use social media to find the right people. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for getting in the habit of interacting with other professionals in your industry. You can endorse skills, engage with alums, and connect with potential employers. They can also see what you are up to as you share updates on your career development. According to Hubspot, networking fills 85% of jobs, so use those connections to your advantage! 


5. Short-Term Solutions 🤝


The job hunt can take a long time, especially when finding the perfect fit. If you are looking while you work for another company, kudos to you! However, if you are in limbo and struggling to find work, consider working as a temporary employee. Working on a contract can help you get your foot in the door, grow your skills, and earn an income, all while being a temporary employee, so the transition into a full-time role will be easy. 


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6. Enhance Your Skills ✨


Create your own luck by making yourself a more attractive candidate. If you aren’t working, take courses to touch up on your current skills, make them fresh in your mind, or gain a few new ones. If you are still employed while on a job hunt, ask for new responsibilities and take on projects that will impress potential employers – especially tasks relevant to the direction you want to work and grow in. 


7. Work with a Specialized Staffing Agency 💼


There is no luckier feeling than having a recruiter place you seamlessly into a role that fits your wants and needs. When working with a specialized staffing agency, they understand the language within your resume and match your qualifications to potential employers. Recruiters do all the heavy lifting. They eliminate stress put on by the job search, ensure you have all the information needed to be successful, and guide you through the offer stage. You find a recruiter; they create the magic.


Rather than waiting, hoping, and relying on chance, create your own luck! It doesn’t take an enormous initial effort to spin opportunities into motion. 


Experienced and looking for work in IT, EDI, EAI, ERP, finance, or administration? Contact us or visit our job board! Our recruiting team looks forward to connecting you with your next opportunity. 

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