Pivot in IT with AI on the Rise



Artificial intelligence has become a standard in everyday function. One way or another, we cross paths with AI through social media, search engines, voice assistants, business applications, and more. With recent chatter, it is normal to question how AI might affect your future employment, especially if you work in a field where automation can be used to replace time-consuming and technical tasks. 


Here is a look at how you can pivot in IT with AI on the rise:


Understand which sectors are growing…


Sectors with a high growth potential can be a blessing and a curse. Industry growth is great, but if it’s growing due to an increase in automation and reducing human jobs, it might not be so good. 


Here are the predicted areas for strong AI impact according to Forbes


  • Medical – Using data to create predictive models and diagnostics
  • Automotive – Autonomous vehicles and navigation systems
  • Cybersecurity – Identifying and predicting threats
  • eCommerce – Chatbots, targeting, advertising, inventory automation


This is where pivoting comes in. Humans are still needed to manage, mitigate risk, and analyze information encompassed by AI. 


If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…


Artificial intelligence growth is inevitable; in fact, Forbes noted that “Jobs requesting AI or machine-learning skills are expected to increase by 71% in the next five years.” With increasing AI in some industries, it is the perfect time to sharpen your knowledge or build upon your AI skills. Some current skills involving AI that are good to use within a business, or acquire on your resume include:


  • – Machine learning
  • – Natural language processing
  • – Data science
  • – Deep learning
  • – Computing
  • – Problem-solving

Whether you are looking to grow your business with AI or expand upon your resume with technical specializations, taking a few courses or reading up on the latest in AI will help you stay competitive as a tech employee. 


Make your resume AI friendly…


Artificial intelligence even impacts the hiring process. In fact, Forbes stated that “75% of resumes are being rejected by an automatic application tracking system before they even reach a human being” and this is increasingly so. Your resume needs to be easy to read visually for both humans and computers. To make sure AI does not reject your resume, be sure to:


  • – Use a clear font
  • – Be organized with your format
  • – Eliminate grammatical errors 
  • – Include keywords from the job description
  • – Describe your hard and soft skills
  • – Share your resume as a PDF or .docx

The rise of AI does not have to be a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to grow your skills, improve your business, and enhance your professional portfolio. Avoiding AI would be a challenge, so why not just pivot?


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