5 Tips to Prevent Getting Fired Right After You’ve Just Been Hired



So you aced the interview, negotiated your salary, and made it past onboarding into training; think you are in the clear from being let go any time soon? Think again. As long as your employer has a reason, they can still fire you even if you’ve just been hired and started training.


Here are 5 quick tips to avoid being let go after the first couple of weeks of a new job:


1. Be honest.

Even before the onboarding process, you should be upfront about your skills and qualifications. Start with your resume. If you only skimmed the surface with SQL, and have not directly used the skill in a professional setting, don’t lie and say you are proficient. Odds are, your employer will know you are lying and judge your character, but if you are honest, they will see your potential and guide you toward success. 


2. Be present.

Be in attendance, participate, and express interest. It’s simple things like showing up on time and being reliable that give employers comfort in their hiring decisions. Be proactive by asking what you can work on or how you can be helpful. At a bare minimum, try not to cause problems in the first few weeks (or ever), but rather provide solutions. 


3. Be willing to learn.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are uncertain, this is how you grow. Practicing good communication forces you to step out of your comfort zone and be more productive. Use your best judgment, if it’s a common question – ask your colleagues, but if it is higher stakes – seek a higher-level manager and be mindful of their time too. 


4. Follow the rules.

Before starting your job make sure you understand company rules and policies so you do not break them. This includes laws, industry regulations, or any company codes of conduct. Following the rules protects you and the company, helps you avoid being a liability, and helps you keep your job. 


5. Don’t misuse company property.

Accidents happen. Whatever your role may be, take the necessary precautions to be safe, and prevent damage or theft. Whether in the office, on company devices, or representing the business outside of work, always do so with care.


These are just some friendly reminders to help you prevent being let go early on. Remember, the company doesn’t owe you anything, and the first couple of weeks of training might not be the most fun, but everyone goes through it. Be patient, be respectful, and be grateful they hired you! Starting a new job can be exciting when you show initiative and effort. 


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