3 Tips for Hiring an Accounts Payable Specialist



Looking for help hiring a reliable accounts payable specialist? Someone to reduce risk and ensure records are up-to-date? Someone with exceptional communication and understanding of relevant financial regulations? You came to the right place. 


Here are 3 tips for hiring a reliable accounts payable specialist:


1. Look for skills…


Look for strong written and verbal communication skills, as accounts payable specialists often need to interact with vendors, suppliers, and other internal departments. Strong attention to detail is also essential. Accuracy and precision are critical in accounts payable to avoid costly errors and discrepancies. You also want someone with a strong understanding of data analysis and reporting, as businesses are increasingly reliant on data-driven insights to make informed decisions in their financial operations. 


Here are some more skills to look for:


  • – Accounting principles and practice
  • – The ability to analyze data and identify trends or potential issues
  • – Proficiency with financial software, computer systems, and databases (ie: Quickbooks, Xero, SAP)
  • – Knowledge of regulations and compliance like GAAP and SOX
  • – Proficient in Excel (ie: data entry, VLookups, PivotTables, etc.)


2. Look at experience…


Look for candidates with experience in automated accounts payable systems, as these systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s business world. You will also want to look for an understanding of international payments and compliance, as more businesses are expanding their global reach and need to navigate complex regulations and payment systems in different countries. If your team is fully remote, you can look for candidates who already have experience working in a remote or hybrid model to minimize the scale of adjustment.


3. Look at their background…


Since this person will have access to your organization’s financial information, you need to be able to trust them. Check references and learn about why they are looking for a new role. Ask them about specific experiences they have had in the past that are relevant to the work they will be doing at your organization. Make sure to run screening and background checks, as well as verify their identity. You want to do all of this to maintain your company’s security and reputation. 


Bonus: Work with a Specialized Staffing Agency


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  • – Directors & Managers


In order to drive your organization’s financial operations forward, it is important to hire a reliable accounts payable specialist, and hopefully, these tips will help you do just that. If you are looking for support during the process, contact us! It’s free to get started on your next candidate search.

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