Top 3 Places to Find & Hire Financial Analysts



If you are looking to hire a financial analyst, you know that finding the right person can be a daunting task. You need someone who is a reliable, critical thinker with strong financial acumen. With recent market volatility and increased data complexity, it can be overwhelming to search for a professional with the right skills, background, and alignment for both your team and the present circumstances. 


Here are 3 places you can find your next financial analyst:


1. Job Boards & Career Sites


With millions of users, job boards and career sites significantly increase your chances of finding qualified candidates. Job boards typically allow hiring managers to access resumes and profiles to review qualifications. They also provide filtering abilities to present the most relevant candidates. Some top job boards for financial analysts include:



Your company can also post jobs and utilize career pages within these job boards to boost the visibility of your organization and other open positions. One thing to note is that career pages can use a lot of resources. For instance, it takes a lot of time to review a diverse pool of resumes, and promoting job postings can be costly. 


2. Professional Networking Platforms – LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a popular one because it is specifically designed for professional networking. It caters to a large network (over 930 million members) and a wide range of industries where everyone can connect and build their professional brand as they progress through their careers. Some key tools that LinkedIn offers to find qualified candidates include:


  • – Profiles & Resumes
  • – Groups & Communities
  • – Connections & InMailing
  • – Content Sharing & Insights
  • – Advanced Search & Filters 
  • – Advertising & Promoting 


3. Staffing & Recruitment Agencies


Finance and accounting are some of EDI Staffing’s specialties when it comes to helping businesses find the right candidates to add to their teams. As a smaller agency, we get to know each candidate so we can match your requirements with their qualifications and experience – whether it be data analysis, risk assessment, or financial strategy. With an extensive active database of finance professionals and our relationship-focused team of veteran recruiters, we have the resources to help you hire candidates and seamlessly fill the gaps in your team.


If you’re ready to start searching for your next financial analyst, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can contact us directly at or call (800) 821-4644.

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