Why Hire Engineering Talent with EDI Staffing?


why you should hire engineering talent

Engineers are problem solvers and innovators, carrying multidisciplinary expertise… no wonder why they are so highly demanded in this ever-evolving tech landscape. Engineers are instrumental in shaping the future of technology, infrastructure, and the world we live in. But how can you ensure that you find and hire an engineer with the right skills and fit for your team in a timely manner?


Here are 3 reasons to search for and hire engineers with EDI Staffing:


1. EDI Staffing’s niche in tech.

Technology is a fundamental pillar of engineering, and we specialize in sourcing talent across all areas of IT as well as engineering, finance, and HR. Our deep understanding of specific skills, certifications, and qualifications needed for engineering roles allows us to accurately assess candidates’ technical proficiencies and match them to the most suitable engineering opportunities. 


These are some of the engineering and IT areas that we help fill:


  • • AI & Machine Learning Engineers
  • • Cybersecurity Engineers
  • • Industrial & Mechanical Engineers 
  • • Network & Systems Administrators
  • • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • • Software & Data Engineers
  • • Supply Chain & Automation Experts
  • • Cloud & DevOps Engineers
  • • Data & Business Analysts
  • • EDI Developers & Support Specialists
  • • ERP Integration & Implementation
  • • Full-Stack & Mobile App Developers
  • • IT Directors, VPs, CIOs, CTOs & CSOs
  • • System & Software Developers 


2. EDI Staffing’s personal approach.


EDI Staffing believes in the power of personalized hiring and fostering long-term relationships. Just as we get to know our candidates, we take the time to understand our client’s unique company culture, values, and project requirements. This enables us to provide not only engineering candidates with the necessary technical skills but also align with our client’s team dynamic. 


3. EDI Staffing’s ability to find & screen talent, fast.


We have a vast database of diverse technical expertise. Between software, industrial, and mechanical engineers, we have engineering connections in nearly every degree. From 1994 to now, our network of candidate relationships has grown from tens to millions of active and passive specialists. This allows us to efficiently identify candidates with precise skills and successfully match them to our client’s open positions.


Engineering roles are some of the most challenging and time-consuming positions to fill. If the right fit isn’t within our database already, our recruiters quickly begin searching for the right candidate through various job boards and outreach with our applicant tracking system. Within a short period of time, we will have found, vetted, and onboarded our client’s new hire, with occasional check-ins to ensure things run smoothly for both parties.


The relationship between technology and engineering is symbiotic, just like our relationships with our clients and candidates. Each part of the relationship supports the growth and advancement of one another. When partnering with EDI Staffing to find engineers, you overcome competition while gaining a competitive advantage through access to our resources. From our senior recruiters, vetting process, and extensive network, we give you the best opportunity to find the most qualified fit for your team to drive continued productivity and growth. 


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