What to Look for When Hiring a Machine Learning Engineer


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Especially in today’s world, the role of a Machine Learning Engineer is becoming increasingly important due to the growing reliance on data-driven technologies and rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). When hiring an ML Engineer, recognizing specific attributes will ensure your new hire is capable and adds value to your team.


Here are some skills and qualities to look for when hiring Machine Learning Engineers:


Entry-level technical skills for candidates with 0–2 years of experience:

• Programming languages – for data manipulation and model development.
• Machine learning libraries – Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, or PyTorch for model development.
• Basic algorithm knowledge – such as linear regression, decision trees, and clustering.


Mid-level technical skills for candidates with 2–5 years of experience:

• Model evaluation and selection – the ability to evaluate model performance.
• Software engineering – version control and best practices for writing clean code.
• Deployment and productionization – developing models in production environments and integrating them into software systems.


Senior-level technical skills for candidates with 5+ years of experience:

• Domain knowledge – understanding of the industry or domain solutions are being applied.
• Big data tech – proficiency working with tools like Hadoop, Spark, or cloud platforms.
• Research and innovation – able to develop novel algorithms and stay up-to-date with advancements in the field.


In addition to technical skills, it’s essential to assess the candidate’s non-technical qualities:

• Soft skills – exceptional communication, collaboration, and teamwork.
• Real-world project experience – turn knowledge into practical scenarios.
• Ethical consideration – mindful of fairness, privacy, and avoiding harm.
• Diversity and inclusion – promote a well-rounded workplace and perspective.
• Continuous learning – they stay up to date on the latest advancements.


Since machine learning and AI are competitive industries, ask candidates for examples, certifications, or assessments to prove whether they are capable of the skills and technologies you require. Working with a staffing agency can actually help ensure you hire someone carefully vetted and qualified for positions like these.


Machine Learning Engineers play a critical role in bridging the gap between data science and software engineering while presenting a competitive advantage in today’s market. Considering these skills and qualities when hiring an ML Engineer guarantees a more accurate evaluation of candidates and establishes a framework for building an efficient and cohesive team.


For more information about Machine Learning Engineer skills and salaries, check out Indeed’s Career Explorer tool.


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