Why You Should Hire Accounting & Finance Professionals with a Staffing Agency


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When partnering with a staffing agency to find accounting and finance professionals, you streamline the process, gain specialized expertise, and have flexibility among many other benefits. 


Here are some of the reasons you should consider working with a staffing agency to find and hire professionals in accounting and finance:


1. Streamlined process


Hiring accounting and finance professionals through a staffing agency optimizes efficiency. Some of the ways our staffing team can help you streamline the search and hiring process:


  • Tell us your needs! Who are you looking to hire? For how long? Can it be remote?
  • • Our recruiters search our database for active and passive candidates. 
  • • We post ads with our exclusive job-site access and a targeted in-house job board. 
  • • We schedule interviews, conduct phone screenings, background checks, and more…
  • • Once we find you a few candidates – we will help you onboard. 


Our approach to hiring accounting and finance professionals not only optimizes efficiency but also offers a tailored solution at every step of the process – from understanding our client’s unique needs to onboarding candidates seamlessly. 


2. Specialized expertise


Not too familiar with the demands of the specific job you are trying to fill? No problem! Staffing agencies possess an understanding of the intricacies of finance professionals to ensure candidates meet both the hard and soft skills required be be successful in the role. Staffing experts leverage their industry knowledge, compliance understanding, talent networks, skills assessments, and more to find highly qualified industry professionals. Staffing agencies also save you time and resources that might have been spent navigating the nuances of highly specialized, tough-to-fill roles. 


3. Flexible solutions


Your team, your timeline. When partnering with a staffing agency to hire in accounting and finance, you have unparalleled flexibility. Whether you require short-term contract assistance during peak periods like tax season or the end of the fiscal year, want to explore a contract-to-hire arrangement, or seek a direct hire for permanent roles, your needs will be met. Additionally, agencies like us accommodate onsite, hybrid, or fully remote requirements to adapt to the changing business landscape. 


In summary, collaborating with a staffing agency for accounting and finance recruitment not only enhances efficiency and taps into specialized expertise but also delivers unmatched flexibility. Whether it’s meeting short-term demands during peak periods, exploring ‘try before you buy’ arrangements, or fulfilling permanent roles, staffing agencies adapt to diverse needs and provide a comprehensive approach to effectively secure top-tier talent in accounting and finance.


At EDI Staffing


Not too long after adding HR and administration staffing to our range of services, EDI Staffing added finance and accounting solutions as well. Here are some of the positions we help with every day in accounting and finance:


• Accounts Payable Specialists 

• Accountants 

• Accounting Assistants 

• Accounting Clerks 

• Accounting Managers/Directors

• Accounts Receivable Specialists 

• Audit Manager

• Billing Clerks 

• Bookkeepers 

• Controllers 

• Comptrollers

• CFOs

• Financial Analysts

• Finance Directors

• Internal Auditors

• Payroll Administrators


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